Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Herein we’ve enlisted some set of terms & requirements that visitors to our website must agree upon, in order to make use of the online services provided by us. You’ll be intimated to follow our terms & policies by either providing your ‘digital signature’ over our T&C document or by clicking on a ‘button’ or a similar related field such as, ‘checkbox’. Any such form (s) of acceptance, as enlisted above, would mean, you are agreeing to abide by our rules & policies(Herein, our T&C document) & any breaching of such policies will result in one or more consequences.

1. Managing users: -

1.1.Creating UA (User account): -
•    You must agree to create your account with ‘trademysite.com’ for making use of its online services.
•    For creating your account, you have to go through ‘trademysite.com’ sign-up process.
•    Creating your user account means, you are permitted to log in to ‘trademysite.com’ for making use of the service (s) provided.
•    By creating an account, you also accept that all the details you’ve provided during sign-up process are authentic, in every aspect.
•    You agree to create only one account corresponding to a user & that multiple accounts with the same username will result in termination of the previous account as well.
•    You agree that protecting your passwords & assets is your sole responsibility & not of ‘trademysite.com’. However, we recommend you to clear your caches & cookies every time you log off from your system, for prevention from unauthorized access.  
•    You agree that you have to produce your POA (proof of address) & POI (proof of identity) at times, if needed, for performing authentication check.
•    You agree that you may transfer your account’s ownership to some other person, provided that, you again have to produce POI (proof of identity) & POA (proof of address) of the person seeking the ownership.
•    You agree that you are above 18 years of age.

1.2.User policies (Breaching rules): -
•    Using your account to insult, abuse, deter or threaten any person. Any indulgence in such activities would result in termination of your account.
•    Using your account to proliferate malware (s), viruses, worms etc.
•    Using your account for sending ‘spam’ or ‘unsolicited’ mails to different users belonging to a group or a set of different groups.
•    Defaming ‘trademysite.com’ for one’s personal business growth.
•    Using ‘trademysite.com’, in a way that significantly reduces site’s performance for other user (s).

2. Buy and sale: -
•    You can initiate a sale by placing a listing on ‘trademysite.com’
•    When you, as a seller, lists any asset for auction in ‘trademysite.com’, you are stating that you have a complete ‘copyright’ & ‘Intellectual property right’ over the asset & any infringement to above rights will be subject to law.
•    If a buyer purchases your asset then there is a legal binding agreement between the seller & the buyer, & ‘trademysite.com’ will not be held responsible for any discrepancies between the two parties in future.
•     If the buyer wants to purchase some asset initiated by a seller, that'll be called a ‘legal binding agreement’ only after the seller gives its approval.
•    Abandoning an auction which was initiated by you, just because you have had a private conversation with a buyer on ‘trademysite.com’ & now you want to avoid paying fee to ‘trademysite.com’. In these cases, trademysite has full authority over collecting its fee from previous trademysite credits in your account. 
•    Also, remember that, other than trademysite itself, you cannot use trademysite credits elsewhere to purchase goods & services.
•    In cases of bidding at an auction, the last bid would stand canceled, if the current bid amount is higher than the previous one.
•    If a refund is to be issued by ‘trademysite.com’, then the mode of payment will exactly be the same, the one you opted for making payment (s) to us.

3. Termination of service (s): -
•    Remember that, your services can be terminated anytime, without even providing a notice by ‘trademysite.com’, if we find that you’re getting indulged in fraudulent activities.
•    If ‘copyright’ or ‘intellectual property right’ infringement has been lodged against you & that too on a regular basis, then ‘trademysite.com’ will permanently bar your user account (UA).

Wishing you best in your endeavors!
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